About Cota Kinis

Cota Kinis is a company created to empower every woman! Who doesn't want to feel great doing what they love? 

My name is Ashley Cota, I am the founder of Cota Kinis. I am a marine biologist and a PADI SCUBA instructor. After years of collecting bikinis and realizing most just don't make the cut for all of the aquatic activities I am involved in, I have decided to embark on a mission to create a sustainable swimsuit that will cater to all of my needs as well as meet the expectations of a variety of venturesome women! 

Every Cota Kini is handmade and designed to withstand vigorous activity and cohere to each body it was made for! 

10% of proceeds will go towards ocean conservation, together we will build a network to contribute to our one and only planet!